Suggestions » Passion Fruit Cassata with Sugarcane Syrup Cake


1 l  »  Sweetened Cream

250 gr  »  Passion Fruit Pulp

350 gr  »  Ribeiro Sêco Sugarcane Syrup Cake

80 gr  »  Chopped Almonds

100 ml  »  Condensed Milk

1  »  Purple Passion Fruit

as required  »  Sugarcane Leaves

  • In a bowl beat the egg whites stiff then add the passion fruit pulp, condensed milk, the jelly powder and fold together well. Put aside.
  • Cut the sugarcane syrup cake into slices and place in a fruit cake mould. Spoon the pulp mixture on top of this and place in the freezer for 12 hours.
  • Remove from the freezer, cut into slices and garnish with fresh passion fruit, pulp, chopped almonds and the sugarcane leaves.


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