Sugarcane syrup

Very few products can pride themselves of having the historical and cultural patrimony that sugarcane syrup represents at Madeira. The plantations of sugarcane, or sweet cane, are as old as the first steps made by men in the transformation of this island's landscape.

But sugarcane syrup is much more than a testimony of history. It's a living product, modern, constantly adapting and whose art makes Fábrica Mel-de-Cana Ribeiro Sêco the present's most distinguished representative.


1100 grs

450 grs
(Anti-drop measurable cover)

450 grs

Conversion: 1 L = 1400 grs

Organic composition of Sugarcane syrup

Honey-cane is a 100% natural, no additives, colors or preservatives, with a very long duration and a rich organic composition. The following data are merely informative, since they are the best known benefits of vitamins described.

  • Phosphorus

    Helps the growth and health of the bones and teeth

    Essential for the release of energy in the cells

    Reduces the activity of the proteins

  • Magnesium

    Cements the calcium

    Makes the bones solid and firm

    Acts as a relaxant

  • Calcium

    Balances the nervous system

    Indispensable for the growth

    Fortifies the arteries walls

    Cell vitalizing

  • Iron

    Raises the red blood cell count

    Stimulates nutrition

    It's a potent tonic

    Fights anaemia and sclerosis

  • Vitamin PP

    Essential for a healthy skin

    Protects the liver, the nervous tissues and the digestive system

    Helps to regulate the cholesterol in the blood

  • Vitamin B2

    Required for carbohydrates, fats and proteins

    Tissue preservation

    Important to the ocular physiology

  • Copper

    Bones growth

    Osteochondrosis prevention

    Elaboration of corneal layers

  • Vitamin B1

    Direct interference in the carbohydrates metabolism

    Essential for growth

    Normal appetite

    Digestion and healthy nerves